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Weekly dhamma discussions and dhamma conference sessions will continue as usual.

How to Participate

  1. Participants using Telephones:

    Dial the USA conference bridge number (+1-805-309-2350) when dialing from USA, Canada or any other country.

    Enter the Conference ID ("9120699") followed by # when prompted

  2. Participants using Skype:

    Dial +99051000000481 using Skype's Call Phones feature [Please note that this call is totally free! You do NOT need Skype callout credits to make this call]

    Enter the Conference ID ("9120699") followed by # on the Skype Dial Pad when prompted. [Please note that if you are using Skype V or later, the Conference ID needs to be entered on the dial pad that appears right next to the Skype volume control bar, and not on call phones keypad. In later versions of Skype, you may find that you need to select "Show Dial Pad" option on the "Call" menu tab that appears on top of the Skype window, in order for Dial Pad to be visible]

  3. Participants using Web:

    Please use https://panel.turbobridge.com/webcall/ on a browser to join the conference using a web call if you experience any issues joining the conference using Skype.

Participant Commands:

*6 - Unmute/Mute your own line so other people can/can't hear you talking (toggle on/off)

— Dhamma Conference Organizers